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Think less, eat better

Chez Rosie is a pastry shop and catering company founded by Rose Déglon in 2021. 

Our cooking is 100% homemade, respectful of the products regarding their freshness and seasons. We worship simple food because it is the only kind we never get tired of. 

We provide delicious food for all kinds of catering events

Chez Rosie's pastry shop will open in July 2023 in Amsterdam. Rose also specializes in baking homemade pastries for hotels, restaurants, cafés and take away shops. 

Since everything is made from scratch, we can always easily adapt to your diet restrictions if needed.



Rose Déglon comes from a French family of chefs and food lovers. She started working in a kitchen as a "pâtissière" at Rose Bakery in Paris in 2012. After a few months, she quickly realized that she wanted to have her own business. She worked for about two years in various establishments in order to learn the job, starting from the bottom.


In 2014, she opened her first restaurant called Tomboy, in Paris. A few months later, customers started to ask her about private orders, for corporate and personal events. She naturally started launching a catering activity which allowed her to learn about this field. In 2017, she decided to open a second restaurant, still in Paris, called Boy. This last one was specialized in breakfast and brunch.

In 2019, after 5 years of hard work, Rose finally took the decision of selling her restaurants. Her instincts were good, a few months later, all the restaurants in the world were closing...

She then moved to Amsterdam in 2020, city of her heart.

 2021, things are still moving slow, it is time to stop waiting and move on.

Chez Rosie was born.



Corporate Events


Private Catering

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