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For birthdays, dinners or special catering event, please contact us directly via email or stop by to meet us and we will be happy to create a special pastry for you "sur mesure" 🤩


is 100% homemade

from scratch!

For real! 

of the moment

Fresh berries 🍓*
Classique génoise, vanilla mascarpone cream, fresh berries

4 pp = 28 €  /  8-10 pp = 48€

Exotic 🥭
Classique génoise, vanilla mascarpone cream, fresh exotic fruits, coconut, meringue
4 pp = 28 €  /  8-10 pp = 48€

Classique génoise, chocolate moussecaramel, meringue, roasted seeds & nuts
4 pp = 25 €  /  8-10 pp = 45€

Rosie's Brownie💥 
Cashew nuts & French salted butter
one size  = 38€

Banoffee Pie🍌
Shortbread dough, caramel, banana, whipped cream
4 pp = 25€  /  8-10 pp =35€

Almond & Orange blossom 🍊
Almond cake, orange blossom icing, fresh red currants

one size = 35€

* as berries are no longer seasonal, the price of this cake may vary according to what we find on the market.

Brownie with cashew nuts and salted butter
Brownie ricotta cheesecake 
"Fraisier" with vanilla mascarpone cream
Gateau nantais with Rhum
Lemon and polenta gluten free cake with lemon icing 
Banana and pecan cake with maple syrup icing 
Almond cake with orange blossom icing 
Full chocolate moelleux cake, sea salt, chocolate ganache and roasted seeds
Ciambella alla ricotta with dried figs and hazelnuts 
Dates & Oats flat cake

made with a homemade sandy dough

Chocolate and fleur de sel 
Seasonal fruits and "frangipane' 
Caramelized apple tart 
Fresh seasonal fruits
 and vanilla crème pâtissière
Banoffee Pie
Gluten free pie with apple, plums & almond


Classic chocolate chip cookies
Milk chocolate with macadamia nuts and sea salt cookies
Peanut butter and chocolate gluten free/ lactose free cookies
Oats, coconut and maple syrup cookies
Pecan nuts biscuits
Sablés Bretons, shortbreads
Amaretti, Italian almond biscuits
Baci di Dama, Italian hazelnut and chocolate biscuits



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