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Or heaven on earth, like, for real


Cakes, Brownie & Crumble

  • Banana cake with options: coconut/white chocolate/pecan nuts

  • Lemon cake with almond and polenta gluten free

  • Chocolate cake « moelleux » with salted butter and chocolate icing

  • Banana and dry fruits cake vegan

  • Cashew nuts and salted butter brownie 

  • Seasonal crumble


  • Chocolate tart with sea salt on a shortbread dough

  • Banoffie Pie: shortbread, toffee, fresh banana and light whipped cream

  • Caramelized apple on a shortbread dough

  • Roasted apricots with rosemary on a shortbread dough

  • Red fruits and vanilla custard cream on a shortbread dough


Cookies, Biscuits & Meringues

  • Classic chocolate chip cookies and salted butter

  • Milk chocolate, salty caramel, hazelnuts

  • Oats, maple syrup, pecan nuts and cranberries cookies

  • Baci di dama

  • Amaretti

  • Meringues

Rosie's greatest passion? Baking!

Her homemade desserts will win your heart by their deliciousness and authenticity...

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